The original Rover . . .

. . . was a female Irish setter mix who blessed our lives for fourteen years.Rover in the back yard

In 2005, about six years after she had died, we bought a 2000 Born Free 24RB Class C motorhome. We used it for a few short outings to be sure we could survive the close quarters and, when we were confident we could, named it Rover and began outfitting it for Europe.

But we stored it in a facility alongside a creek, and it was totalled in the heavy rains and floods that hit southeastern Minnesota in August 2007. (We’ve since learned that a Canadian boat dealer bought it from the salvage company, stripped it to the fiberglass skin, and used his boat-outfitting skills to restore it to working order with fittings bought from the Born Free factory. The whole process is said to have cost about $20,000.)

With the insurance settlement we bought the current Rover. Like its predecessor, it is a 24RB Born Free, but had 50,000 miles when we bought it instead of 17,000, despite being one year younger. We’re told this means it is just broken in. We hope so. If you're interested in its features, you can click here.