In the late summer of 2008, we shipped Rover, our American RV, from Baltimore to Belgium for a leisurely 60-day trip around parts of western Europe. We then stored it in Amsterdam and in the spring of 2009 returned for another trip--90 days this time, but no less leisurely--and did it a third time in 2010 a fourth in 2011 . . . a fifth in 2012 . . . and a sixth (too brief as it turned out) in 2013, to Copenhagen, Germany, and some of the Czech Republic.

We have now had to end our travels: to read about that, go to our Farewell page.

Rover is the third of that name in our lives. She is a 2002 Class C Born Free 24RB motorhome. We are David and Susan. Seven years ago--but, ah, it seems like only yesterday!--we retired from untold decades of toiling in the vineyards of a mid-sized public university in Minnesota. 

"FAQs" is probably self-explanatory. "Things They Don't Tell You" is based on various experiences we've had, pleasant or otherwise; Names That Won't Work in the US is a list inspired by signs on stores and trucks. And for those of you thinking about doing something like this, there's also a page of suggestions about useful features for an American RV in Europe.

If you're a real glutton for punishment, you can click on the links to the 2008 Trip, the 2009 Trip, the 2010 Trip the 2011 Trip, and the 2012 Trip for even more, even older, weblog entries, photos, and Things We Have Learned. Throughout, we comment on what's happened to our various expectations about the whole idea: which ones have been exceeded, which met, which shattered. (But please note that our web software lately has been cutting off some of the entries after a paragraph or two; if you suspect the entry you're reading is too short, just click on its link at the entry date to get the full text.)

And we welcome your emails.